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IRC Server
iacd is an IRC server rewritten from scratch in C. It aims to provide high
levels of privacy for users and to provide advanced server linking to allow
link loops and redundant connections. iacd is optimal for small (and
possibly unstable) networks with many servers. Configuration has been made
as easy as possible.
More information and documentation can be found on http://iacd.reeler.org.
- User has full control over all information shown to other users and
can change them while logged in.
- All channels are modeless. No Channel-Operators. No Kick. No Ban.
- All Channel/User listing functions are limited to channel level.
- Ability to configure iacd so you can only see information about a
user you share a channel with.
- Asynchronous DNS reverse lookups, you can join channels even if your
dns lookup is still in progress.
Technical Features
- single threaded
- Message ID cache system allowing link loops and redundant server
- Client-Server IPv6 support
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